The Hoyos Ophthalmological Institute has an expert team of doctors specializing in the field of eye health, enabling them to offer a fully integrated service to their patients.


An expert team of professionals dedicated to eye health. High quality medical attention with the utmost scientific rigor and professionalism. Specialized service and integrated ophthalmological assistance.

Our motto ‘’Your eyes in the best of hands’’.


One of the leaders in the field of refractive surgery in Spain, since in 1993 we were the first center in our country to perform LASIK surgery, to correct refractive defects. We have international recognition for our collaboration in the development of ophthalmology with countless scientific publications and have given courses and conferences around the world.


More than 30 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology. More than 30,000 clinical histories and several family generations who entrust the health of their eyes to our institution.


Cutting edge technology for diagnosis, treatment of eye diseases and eye surgery. Authorized ophthalmological operating rooms.


Periodic incorporation of all the new advances in the field of ophthalmology, scientifically contrasted at an international level. Continuous formation of our staff through their attendance at courses and congresses, nationally and internationally. Participation in online forums with a permanent exchange of ideas and experiences with ophthalmologists from around the world. Close on the horizon, new techniques and methods are appearing , challenges which the Hoyos Ophthalmological Institute have made their own.