What is Pentacam HR ?

The Pentacam HR is a high resolution camera with a rotation system of 360º, based on Scheimpflug images which allows us to analyze in 3D the structures of the anterior segment of the eye.


  • It reproduces images of the cornea, iris and crystalline lens with great clarity.
  • Corneal pachymetry with great precision, not only at a particular point , but allowing us also to obtain pachymetrical maps of the cornea.
  • Specific pre-operative information for cataracts with intraocular lenses (IOL) Premium (Toric IOL, Multifocal IOL, aspheric/spherical IOL) so that the best personalized choice of intraocular lens can be made for each patient.
  • Corneal density (assessing corneal scarring) and of the crystalline lens ( assessing the degree of cataract.
  • Visualization of the entire anterior chamber in all the rotation positions of the Scheimpflug camera.
  • Measuring corneal diameter (white/white) and angle/angle measuring.
  • Elevation maps of the anterior and posterior face of the cornea.
  • Early detection module for Belin/Ambrosio keratoconus.
  • Analysis of corneal aberrations with wavefront.

The Pentacam system of Elevation Topography is a tool which offers the ophthalmologist the possibility of a superior study of the anterior segment with a view to making a precise diagnosis in cases of diseases which are difficult to manage or in those cases where it is not easy to decide if the person interested in having laser surgery is in fact a good candidate for this procedure.The Pentacam Elevation Topography system is capable of detecting eye diseases early on, diseases which are not apparent in routine ophthalmological examinations, such as Keratoconus.

Apart from the information which the Pentacam compiles, it also permits the design of virtual images which simulate eye structures. This provides very important information for people who have cataracts or glaucoma