Throughout our forty-year history, the Hoyos Ophthalmological Institute has stood out in the field of cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, glaucoma and above all, both in Spain and around the world, in the area of refractive surgery.This enabled us to found one of the most important international groups dedicated to the investigation and development of refractive surgery, the K.M.STUDY GROUP (The keratomileusis study group ), of which I myself was the founder.

Vision is probably the most precious of the human senses and possibly the best means we possess to integrate the exterior world into our consciousness. Unique moments such as witnessing the birth of a child or beholding a wonderful sunset can be fully enjoyed through our eyesight, while we must not forget just how necessary it is when carrying out our daily activities, whether they be personal or professional.

With just the merest alteration of any of the complex structures of the eye, our faculty of sight is endangered. For this reason, I have the pleasure of putting at the disposal of our patients our Sabadell Clinic, where we are able to share the results of our achievements in the field of ophthalmological investigation. 

En estos más de 40 años de historia, en el INSTITUTO OFTALMOLÓGICO HOYOS hemos destacado en la cirugía de la catarata, así como en el trasplante de córnea, en el glaucoma y sobre todo, hemos sido pioneros en España y en el mundo, en cirugía refractiva. Esto nos llevó a fundar uno de los grupos internacionales más importantes del mundo para la investigación y desarrollo de la cirugía refractiva, el K.M. STUDY GROUP (grupo de estudio para la “Queratomileusis”) del cual fui fundador.

Our work has as its objective to improve day by day, collaborating in scientific investigation and participating in congresses, both at a national and international level, where we communicate our results and ophthalmological advances to our colleagues. Moreover, continuous training, through attending courses and congresses around the world, allows us to incorporate into our daily ophthalmological practices, the latest advances and the most sophisticated, safest and cutting-edge technology, both for diagnosis and surgery

All this while staying true to our motto:
«Your eyes in the best of hands».

Dr. Jairo E. Hoyos
 Medical Director


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