The use of hyaluronic acid is approved for cosmetic dermatological treatments. It is used to fill in wrinkles and expression lines (e.g.the lines which go from the nose to the mouth). It is also used to augment thin lips.
Hyaluronic acid is present, in its natural state, in all living tissue. It is a polysaccharide whose molecule structure is identical in all species and in all types of tissue.
Treatment with a hyaluronic acid filler can take around 15 minutes, but it does depend on the areas being treated.
With a very fine needle, the doctor injects the filler under the surface of the skin, on a superficial level to treat fine lines and more deeply to treat more serious wrinkles and folds.
How long the effects last will depend on various factors : age, the amount of filler injected, where it is placed and the skin quality, general health and lifestyle of the patient. Generally speaking, the effects can be observed for up to a year. Fillers are easy to inject and spread out in a uniform way and some contain lidocaine to reduce the discomfort which can arise during treatment. After the injection some reddening, swelling and bruising at the point where the needle has been applied may be observed. The majority of side effects are minor and short-lived, disappearing after a few days but it is possible to experience an increase in sensitivity, hardening, swelling, granulomas, bruising, itching and loss of color and as with any type of injection, there is the risk of infection